Can't connect with Arc

My core shows ready

My iPhone say online and ready

But I just get spinning trying to connect

Reboot your core.

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Hi @Michael_Jones1,

I recommend rebooting your Core per @Jim_F’s suggestion, and we’ll be watching for your response to troubleshoot in case that step doesn’t enable ARC to sync.

To clarify, are you on your home network when encountering this connectivity issue?

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I quit my iPhone app, rebooted my core and it again said Arc was ready. I restarted my Arc app it again said ready but same result it just spins trying to connect. after a whileI might get this screen

but it will then go back to this screen

I am at work. I built the network but don’t really want to adjust the network for Roon. But willing to listen to any suggestions

I’ll try at home and see if I get different results


Still on same work Network. I turned off wifi on my iPhone and tried to connect to Roon Core and it worked. I also turned my wifi back on and it still seems to work. So it’s resolved for now.

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I also have the same exact problem you described and tried rebooting my core but with no luck and still troubleshooting, will update if fixed.

Hi @Michael_Jones1,

Thanks for the update and please let us know if you have any issues.

@Ahmed_Ali, we’ll be waiting for your response and will merge into a separate thread as necessary. I appreciate you bringing your issue to our attention.


I tried every accessible solution i have with no luck i changed the router from

“Huawei home gateway HG630”

To ->>

Tp-link VR600

and roon arc works perfectly now without any manual configuration

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Hi @Ahmed_Ali,

Just for due diligence - you’re able to access ARC on cellular data outside the home without issue now?

Some routers do have native configurations or settings that play along better with our automatic configuration. It’s possible the Huawei, as a gateway/router combo, was not in bridge mode, or otherwise had a second layer of NAT in was placing between your Core and ARC.

In any case, please start a new topic thread if we can assist with the new or original router. We’ll be standing by.

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