Can't control Roon volume via keyboard on Mac

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
iMac Pro
Roon 1.7 build 667

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Everything wired via ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Lots of them, but the main audio device I use while at this computer are Key LSX speakers connected via ethernet

Description Of Issue

I can’t figure out how to enable changing the volume via the keyboard (F11 / F12), which I think should be in Settings -> Media Keys somewhere in Roon? I don’t see any related setting about this.

I’ve tried denying the Accessibility access to Roon in Mac system preferences and then re-enabling it, with multiple Roon restarts, and so far no dice.

Hello @Rob_Sanheim, my apologies for the delayed response. The F11 and F12 keys are useful for raising and lowering the volume on system output, but we recommend you use the shortcuts listed in Settings>Keyboard shortcuts.

I realize I can use the command shortcuts, but I wanted to use the main Mac shortcut keys so that other devices could control Room volume. For example, I have a volume knob I’d like to use to control Room, but it ties in to the Mac volume control for that. So the cmd-keys don’t really work for that.

Also, the primary volume controls are just much nicer to use if I’m playing from Room all day.

I too would much prefer using the regular volume buttons, F11 and 12, to lower and raise volume. They don’t work on my new MacBook Air. Is there a way to make them work. And if not, why not?

I was also wondering about this; they seem to work if I’m using the Core Output (internal Mac soundcard) but not with the AudioQuest DragonFly Red plugged into a USB port…


This is all the more strange given that the play/pause, skip next and previous track buttons on a mac pro or air, either touchstrip or physical buttons, all work perfectly with roon. So why not volume???

Hey @Zeki_Mustafa,

Volume controls from the keyboard work in Roon only if you’re playing to System Output (as a zone).

If you’re not playing to System Output, you should still be able to control the volume using cmd+up arrow and cmd+down arrow. Please note, this only works if the Roon window is open.


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