Can't download Roon on Mac

I have a 2015 Intel Mac Air and just bought a new M1 Mac Air both running Big Sur.

Roon runs fine on my Intel machine but on my M1 Mac Air I cannot get it to even download from the Roon web site.

Is it being blocked from downloading on M1 MACs for now?

I have Rosetta installed on the M1. Should I download it on another MAC, copy the file over, and install it that way?

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Hi @mourip,

What happens when you try installing it? Do you receive and error messages?

What web browser are you using to download it from our site?

I tried to download to the M1 from the Roon website link using both Chrome and Safari. I got no error message and no download. It seemed as if the page did not recognize my OS or device hardware properly.

I did not get far enough to install. This weekend I will download on my Intel MAC, copy the file over and try to run it. I do have Rosetta installed on the M1 MAC.

Thanks for checking in.

Good news. I manually copied the Roon installation file over to my M1. It installed and played normally.

I only tested long enough to connect to my Core server and play one song but it seemed fine.

Looks like the issue is in the Roon download web page not recognizing the OS running on the new M1 chip.

On my older MacBook Pro, recently updated to Mas OS Big Sur, I can’t reach the software download page on Roon’s website using Safari. This I believe is an error of web configuration.

Using the Chrome browser on the same laptop, it works fine.

Hi @Andreas_Philipp1,

If you go fullscreen on Safari does that allow you to see the downloads?

Hi @dylan,

Yes, indeed! When going fullscreen, all is well. Just checked on my iMac (Safari 14.0.1, Catalina) and it seems the same… under a certain app window size limit the download links will not be shown.

Thanks for confirming! Yes, it looks like using narrow browser windows will trigger this. I’ve passed this feedback along to the website team.

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