Can't edit track artist in a various artists compilation

I have a various artists compilation. Track 1 has the title “Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam”. When I go to edit the track to try and put in the correct artist and title, I only see an option to enter the title. What am I doing wrong here?

Do you not get an edit credits option?

Oh yes, I see how that works! I add the artist per track, correct? But then it says “performed by” when I view the album. That doesn’t sound right.

Yes, you do this for each track. But it is better to do that with a 3rd party editor directly in your files rather than roon (e.g. mp3tag with windows or Yate with Mac). With streamed content you do not have that option.

The tag line “Performed by” at the track level is just how roon works as far as I know.

One thing that may trip you up with various artist albums is you will need to set the album artist to “various artists” and you will probably want to set the “primary artist link” to “various artists” as well (three dots → edit → edit album → primary artist links) so you get a tidy album view screen.

Many thanks, great info! I will use an external editor, much easier.

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