Can't find find Roon Nucleus+ anymore (Mac OS / Mac iOS)

Roon Core Machine

Latest generation Roon Nucleas Plus all updated and working fine up until yesterday.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Apple Airport Extreme with iMac 5K running latest OS. Connected via wired Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

All via Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

Many thousands

Description of Issue

Can’t find Roon Server. Period. The lights are on at the back of the Roon box and the power is on but non of my devices Macs, iPads or iPhones can find Roon anymore.

Roon doesn’t advise Apple network products.

can you get to the GUI on the IP address or perhaps via http://nucleus.local ?

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if you can connect a TV/HDMI monitor to the Nucleus do you see anything come up on the dispay when you power on?

Thanks. I think it was an overheating issues. Been a mini heatwave and the Nucleas Plus got very hot. Turned it off overnight and switched it back on this morning and works perfectly. Thanks very much for responding and trying to help Wizardofoz … fietster not so much (!?!)

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Sorry only a user who tried to help out. Never asked for a thank you🤨

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