Can't find my skipped files on my computer

I have this list of skipped files but can’t find them on my computer.

Are these files ones that you have removed in the past?

What does Setting → Library → Library Maintenance → Clean up library, report?

Yes i have removed the files in the past.

My library is empty

If you’ve performed a library clean up and that didn’t help, try a forced rescan.

If still no good, I suggest rebooting the Roon Core.

After that I’m out of ideas and over to Roon’s @support team.

I did a rescan and rebooting the Roon Core, but the skipped files are still there.

All the skipped files are 5 KB. I have this files in my collection but in “normal” MB. if it makes sense?

Hey @Klaus_Hansen,

Thanks for getting in touch on community to find a solution to the skipped files.

I wonder if you could also try this:

  • please, remove the storage location in Settings → Library
  • reboot your Roon Core
  • add again the storage location in Settings → Library

Does it help with importing the “normal” MB music files in your Roon library?

To be absolutely sure I understand you right. My storage is on my \ Zen \ Music. Where I can choose disable or remove.

Great question!

This would be by navigating in Roon to Settings → Storage and selecting Remove on the ellipsis button:

No succes with that.

Hey @Klaus_Hansen,

Could you please clarify what “no success” means?

  • Did you go through the steps and it didn’t help, or
  • you couldn’t disable the storage location in Roon?

I selected Remove on the ellipsis button, and it didn’t help (should I have chosen disable).

And now my Remove button is gone

Hey @Klaus_Hansen,

Thanks for taking a moment to share more details :pray:

Now that you’ve removed the storage location, can you please

  • restart your Roon Core
  • add the storage location again; just in case a refresher would help, instructions can be found here

It didn’t help.

But I think maybe the system error is on my mac and that’s what makes the skipped files. It was Nino from Innuos who told me that. But how do I remove them?

Once you click on Select this folder what happens? Is your music imported?

Yes my music is imported, but the skipped files are still there

Hey @Klaus_Hansen,

Thanks yet again. What is the message next to those skipped files? We explain what each of them mean here:

I think this is the problem:

Hey @Klaus_Hansen,

I’m very grateful you’ve shared that. Is there any workaround?

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