Can't find NAS on ROCK

Same problem here too. Simple WD cloud NAS setup that has been running fine under Roon (NUC Rock). Now it can’t be found. Rebooted all routers, bridges, NUC etc. Computers can access the NAS just fine. Created a new test directory and still get Error Loading Folder - Not Available message.

Hi @Rob_Jones,

I have split your post so I can better assist you here. Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots here.

How are you connecting to the NAS share, if you are using Hostname, can you please let me know if connecting via IP works?

Yes IP worked successfully.

Hi @Rob_Jones,

Thanks for letting me know that IP connection worked successfully! There have been a couple of similar reports and there is one other test that we can do here to see if the other reports are related to this issue.

Can you try connecting via \\Hostname.local\share and let me know if it also works? Hostname above would be the previously set up name and share is your music folder that was previously working.

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