Cant find Nucleus Plus on network

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Nucleus Plus
Dell as remote

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Multiple switches, router

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This issue is why I stopped using this setup.

It was working then one day can’t find the Nucleus Plus on network, if I had an IP address it would help.

When I connect a monitor to plus and plug directly into router/modem it does not show IP address the way my plain nucleus does.

Help message say scan can’t find and Fing can’t find explorer cant find.

How to get IP address? How to reset unit?

@Alex_goodhart, it would be really helpful if you provided much more detail about your setup, including make and model numbers of devices, including your network.

Ideally, your Nucleus should be connected directly to your ISP router using an Ethernet cable.

When it is powered on, can you open a web browser and type http://nucleusplus.local and let us know what you see. Also, please confirm that the Nucleus power lamp is on.

The Nucleus Plus will not boot, will not load any software, will not display IP address on monitor.
I suspect an update was bad. This does not appear to be anyway to reload software from this point.

Is there some trick trick, just imagine a PC without a monitor thus no useful mouse feedback no way to do anything? This is some design feature. How to fix?

Does the Nucleus power on, i.e., can you see the power indicator? Also, can you connect the device to an HDMI monitor or TV? What so you see?

The fix would be to have your credentials to hand. Establish contact with Roon Support. Disaster recovery should be with a ROCK image. If that works then let Roon know and they should be able to make it Nucleus specific for you. If the problem is something else then the recovery will fail and your next steps will depend on the age and source of your Nucleus.

Please do not open multiple support requests for the same issue. I’ve consolidated things here in your existing request.

You seem to be confirming that no messages appear on a monitor attached to the HDMI port when the Nucleus is powered up. That would point to a hardware failure.

Is this Nucleus still in the 2-year warranty, and did you purchase it via a dealer or direct from Roon Labs?

Your answer will determine the next steps that Support can take. Thank you.

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This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in nucleusplus.local.

  • If spelling is correct, [try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


Hi @Alex_goodhart,

I will be happy to help you.

Question for you:

Can you tell me what you see? A picture of it would be great.


Ok how to get replacement? Got at dealer , online purchase, bought at recommendation of support due to size of library. Was working fine then just stopped. It had not occurred that it had failed and contacting support in a pain. You were able to diagnose the issue without a complex list of all the components. When I spent thousands for this I expected a life not just a year . I have high quality equipment and get many, many years out of it. The most trouble I have ever had is with your products.

The M.2 SSD in my Nucleus failed after 3 years. Since it was out of warranty, I just replaced it myself for $26. Had it still been under warranty, I would have returned it to Roon, where I bought it. Unfortunately, these chips can and do fail from time to time.

@Geoff_Coupe is a moderator not an employee of Roon, he has been trying to help you by requesting information.

@Wes is Roon Technical support and he is also trying to help you…:thinking:

Thank you @PixelPopper, @Jim_F, @Geoff_Coupe, @Henry_McLeod, and @Martin_Webster for your assistance here. I am closing this case and handling things in private message form.



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