Can't fix nucleus after 1.0.211

My Nucleus will not work. Note to self: NEVER update ROON until it has prompted you for a few days, check the ROON forums to see if there are problems before updating, then hold your breath and take the leap. i have spent an hour or two troubleshooting this that I will never get back.


As shared by @dylan … I followed and I’m back in business…

Hi @Tushar_das — You can download build 227 here

You’ll want flash the image to a USB drive, connect a keyboard and monitor to the Nucleus, connect the USB drive, and boot up the Nucleus. Choose the recover not the install option (the install option will cause more issues, so you’ll want to make sure you select recovery).

Give this a try and send us a picture of the Nucleus Web Administration Interface after.


Hi @JE_Stout,

We have a solution available for this. You’ll need a USB drive, a USB keyboard, and a monitor or TV to connect the Nucleus to. Please see the post below for more details: