Can't get DAC to play on new installation [Resolved]

So, after some effort (and help from this group), I got Roon to work on my computer. Then, if you can believe it, the computer failed. It was under warranty, and they ended up giving me a new computer. So now I am back to square one.

Under audio settings, I enabled (Mytec) “Brooklyn DAC” with WASAPI, but it will still only play music through the computer speakers, not through the stereo system.

I looked in the user guide, but found nothing helpful. In Foobar or with the Tidal, it plays through the DAC. Just not in Roon.

What piece am I missing? @support

have you selected the DAC as your audio output?

Well, I have enabled it. Is there more to do?

Have you selected the zone

I don’t see any way of selecting a zone, as such, but the dac I use is enabled. Nothing else is enabled.

PS In setup, there is a button to “configure” os devices. I don’t know what it means and have not clicked it.

Any zones are displayed on the bottom right corner next to the volume control

Do not click configure Roon os devices it is not relevant to your situation, as Chris says what does the icon in the bottom right next to the volume say? Can you post a screen shot?


Well, got it working. per Chris, I checked the non-Roon speaker icon. It was not on my dac. Then when I tried again, it still did not play, but now for the first time asked me to pick a zone. Did that and it works. Did not see any of this in user guide.

Thanks for the help.

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