Can't get it started

I have downloaded the software on my Mac. I’m set up with a complimentary 60 day membership. That is where my experience has ended. I can’t open anything other than my membership profile.

Hi Bernard,

Did you download Roon or Roon Server? If it’s Server you should see the Roon logo in the top right of the screen in your menu bar.

If it’s Roon Server, it runs in the background and you still need a Remote to control the software. You can install Roon as a Remote on the same machine. Or you can just quit Roon Server and pull the application to the trash and install Roon.

Does that help?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Bernard,

The Roon Knowledge Base has a lot of helpful information for people getting started with Roon.

Check through Getting Started/Installing Roon and you should be ok.