Can't get my Qobuz Favorites into my Roon library

I just used Soundiiz to duplicate my Tidal albums to Qobuz

They show up on the Qobuz app, they don’t show in Roon, as yet.

Is there some lag between when Qobuz knows about my favorites and when Roon gets the message?


I logged off/on to Qobuz within Roon, but albums still don’t show.

Slim, I did it the same way and it was instantaneous (in fact they were being added as the transfer was still processing)

Hmm, maybe I’m misunderstanding things.

When I log into the Qobuz app from my browser, the albums I moved show up in ‘Favorites’.

That is the place Roon looks to import, no?


Hmm, Roon’s Focus shows a Quobuz album if I specifically download it, so I know I have a Qobuz connection.

It just won’t pick up my Qobuz Favorites.

I’ve made an inquiry record with Qobuz. Maybe it’s because I’m on a free trial.

Any thoughts @support?

@Derek_Wyman - Thanks for the input.

Hit the sync button, the left circling arrow at the top of the Qobuz screen.

Yeah, tried that twice. Didn’t make a difference.

I also tried it from within Settings–>Services. Although the sync time updates correctly, it doesn’t help.

Thanks for the reply.

From the Main Roon screen if I select Qobuz I get a screen that shows among other things my Qobuz Favorites, so I know Roon can see my Qobuz Favorites.

I just can’t get them into my Roon library.

There must be some misunderstanding on my part.

If you focus on the album screen does it show a count for qobuz?

If you mean the Qobuz album screen within Roon, I see all my albums but I don’t see a count anywhere.

If I select an album, I can manually add it to my Roon library. Shouldn’t this happen automagically?

What does yours say (in the bottom right)?

Oh yeah, Focus. I’ve been there; it shows two albums. The two I manually added.

Well, I’m stumped, too.

If you play any of them, do they get added? (Not likely helpful, I’m just curious)

No joy.

I can, of course, manually add all the albums from my Favorites list that the Qobuz section of Roon displays. I have north of 1,000 so I am disinclined to do that.

Maybe, it’s because I have a temporary trial. Dunno.

Could be, but I am 95% sure I added all mine during a trial. It was during the beta so maybe things have changed?

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Hi @xxx,

Your Qobuz favorites should sync over automatically here — Since you used Soundiiz to transfer your favorites from TIDAL have you tried rebooting your Core machine?

I know you can manually add favorites from Qobuz in Roon, but if you go to Qobuz and add a new favorite and then sync with Roon does this show up?

I have the same problem. It happens on and off. When I go to qobuz page in roon, it no longer pulls all my favorites but first 40 or 50 albums in fact there are several thousands flagged favorite. So now I cannot manually import them into roon either because not all qobuz favories show up in my roon.

Hi @xxx & @shinyc,

Please try the following and let us know if this works for you:

  • Close Roon/RoonServer
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon and verify if the issue still occurs

@dylan -

I experimented a little this morning.

For both Tidal and Qobuz, I used the native apps to add an album to my Favorites. Tidal works as expected and the new Favored album immediately shows in my Roon library. For Qobuz, no joy. Newly favored album doesn’t show.

I deleted the Cache files. Didn’t make a difference, except that the Qobuz albums that I manually added to my library yesterday, from the Qobuz Favorites displayed in Roon, disappeared. They were showing in my Roon library, prior to deleteing the cache.

I looked at the Log. I see these messages -

02/27 14:06:03 Debug: [easyhttp] GET to returned after 2812 ms, status code: 500

02/27 14:06:03 Warn: [qobuz] [http] error result from http request: {“status”:“error”,“code”:500,“message”:“Technical error occured rc|2104”}

02/27 14:06:03 Trace: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] sync completed in 2813ms
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] library for userid 1025581 has:
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] 0 favorite tracks
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] 2 favorite albums
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] 0 purchased tracks
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] 0 purchased albums
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] 0 playlists
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] 0 favorite playlists
02/27 14:06:03 Info: [storage/streaming] [Qobuz] Scan reported Library updated LastScanned=02/27/2019 14:06:00

Although the Qobuz Favorite screen in Roon shows all my Soundiiz transfered albums, somewhere around 700, the message in the log says I have only 2 favorite albums. Those would be the two I manually added today when I discovered that the two I manually added yesterday had disappeared as a result of deleting the Cache files. Note: I manually added these files from the Qobuz Favorites Display in Roon, not as a result of adding from Qobuz search for a specific album. Clear as mud, right?

I have dropped Sever and logged off/on to Qobuz multiple times.

Very mysterious.

BTW - I notice your replies to me span 12 hours, to which I say that you work too hard.:slightly_smiling_face:

Are you sure the Qobuz account you are using on Roon (Qobuz username and password) matches the Qobuz credentials you are using on Qobuz native app? Are you using the same Qobuz account on both Roon and Qobuz?