Can't get sound thru my Katana Soundbar

Roon Core is running on an Windows 10 HP Vivo MiniPC. The Katana soundbar is attached via USB to my main Windows 10 desktop where i’m running Roon satellite. The Katana is setup as the default sound device. Both System Output and Katana show up in Settings, Audio, and are enabled. Both show up in Zones, but the Play button on them are greyed out, and can get no audio from either. I do get audio thru my Apple and Sonos devices

Hi @Calvin_LaBauve,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this device?

Did this device and System Output work previously?

Have you tried rebooting your Core machine?

The device and system output did previously work. Rebooting the core pc did not fix the problem. See the attached screenshots.

Hi @Calvin_LaBauve,

Were there any changes to your setup or the Core machine around the time this stopped working? Have you started using any other software that uses the device?

I’m running JRiver Media Center concurrently on the core machine.

Hi @Calvin_LaBauve,

Did this start occurring around the time you started using JRiver? If JRiver isn’t running does this still occur?

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