Can't group zones?[answered]

Hi! Just started my trial and want to try to group zones ? I have the core installed on my MAC in the office (which has a Sony UDA-1 DAC connected) and want to play it on my Yamaha system (which is has airplay) both devices is setup in roon. And works on their own. But following the guide to group zones i don’t have that option when clicking the three dots on either of these two devices ?

I follow this guide.

This is the options i get on my devices.

Roon can’t group zones which are using different streaming technologies. In this case you are trying to group RAAT zone (Sony UDA-1 DAC) with AirPlay zone (Yamaha system) and this isn’t possible. Though you can group Airplay zones with each other, same applies to RAAT zones.

Hi Paul,

You’re looking in the right place, see this FAQ from the Knowledge Base. The most likely explanation is that the Zones are of different types. Only Zones of the same type can be grouped.

Ah gotcha! Thanx for the fast explanation!