Can't identify my DAC

Hello there

I just bought a Teac AI-503 with KEF R300 and I am trying Roon. I like it a lot. However, it seems that my DAC is fully not recognized. I can’t play DSD files “natively”. How can I check if it can play natives DSD files?

Any suggestions?

Hi, @Gigatoaster, thanks for the report, could you please go to Settings->Audio->press on Gear-button and check your settings for this device? This is the tab you need to look for:

Also, it would be good if you could give this article a read.



Thanks for looking at my issue.

As requested here is the screenshot of the device options:


I read the article you mentioned: DSD native is not accessible, is there a way to force it?

You have DSP volume set. Is that why it converts to PCM?


From the looks of it, you are connecting your TEAC to a Mac. Apart from the odd exception where a manufacturer created their own macOS drivers (Exasound springs to mind), there’s no ‘native’ DSD on macOS – just DoP.

Native DSD is available on Windows (again, with custom device drivers) or on Linux (for a limited number of DACs for which custom patches are applied to / included in the kernel).

The late, great Steve Jobs once called BluRay a ‘bag of hurt’. He obviously was not aware of DSD at the time.

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@Henry_McLeod: even with DSP volume removed (device volume), it is not working.
@RBM: I was not aware that DSD files was available on Windows or Linux only. I tried 2 other players:

  • Audirvana who can’t recognize either natively my DAC:

And Teac Player who can:

Is this a issue with my DAC or Roon? Or should I buy a Windows PC?

Any difference between DoP and native DSD is completely imperceptible to me.

Remember the comment that it takes special drivers to do native DSD on a MAC. TEAC seems to have made the drivers but embedded them into their application so that only their application can do native DSD on a MAC. Any other software must use DOP, like Audrivana or Roon.

I see. Well, I am satisfied with what I have so I won’t bother anymore with all that technology thingy and just enjoy the music, which I am more and more. :slight_smile:

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And really, there is no difference between “native” DSD and DSD over DOP.

@Henry_McLeod: even with DSP volume removed (device volume), it is not working.

Does it do anything differently when you make that change?