Can't log in to Tidal 3/17/22

Since 918 I am unable to log my Roon account into Tidal. I can go into the Tidal app and it works fine. Anyone else seeing this?

Not really…
I did update to 918 and on reboot of the core i did notice that only Qobuz was auto logged back in and Tidal was not.
But i was able to log back into Tidal via Roon first try with no trouble and has stayed logged in since.

UPDATE: I solved this by stopping Roon Server on my QNAP and then restarting it again. Once I did that Roon auto logged me back on to Tidal. First time that has ever happened to me. @AceRimmer helped me out when he mentioned that he rebooted his core after the update. I had not done so. This was the solution to my problem.


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