Can't log onto Qobuz

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Core - Fidelizer Nimitra S server
Windows 10
Current build

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Assus DOCIS 3.1 modem
Netgear Nighthawk router
Aqvox SE Switch
Modwright/OPPO Sonica DAC

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
USB/Ethernet/Toslink connections

Description Of Issue
Cannot log onto Qobuz. Spinning Roon logo. No issue with Tidal or NAS in Roon. Can play Qobuz outside of Roon.

When logged into Roon with Tidal/NAS, trying to logon to Qobuz kicks me off Roon.

Hi @Daniel_Gale,

Were you previously logged in to Qobuz without issue?

If you reboot your Core is there any change?

Hi @dylan
Generally no problems loggin in. However, this issue occurs periodically but generally resolves itself somehow.

I have rebooted core and network to no avail.

Nimitra developer was able to login to Qobuz/Roon successfully (from Thailand, no less:) after I had disabled Qobuz. So if you login you’ll see Roon rebuilding my library now. Not sure why trouble on my end though.

@dylan Sorry - fake good news :slight_smile: Thailand was unable to log in with Roon either. Says login failed in Roon software. Are there Roon/Qobuz issues occurring with other users? I’ve not heard back from Qobuz yet but their FB page doesn’t seem to indicate other users having similar problems.

Also, I just downloaded a second Roon W10/64 onto a new laptop - so now have two laptops with Roon download. Should I delete the copy on my older laptop? Both work/don’t work equally, though.

@dylan I just updated Qobuz and it seems to be working now.
Thanks for looking into this.

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Problem recurred. Knocked off Roon when trying to log into Qobuz. Tidal problems also now - every track showing in Tidal/Roon says “Not available in Tidal”. Serious bugginess…


Extremely lengthy login after getting kicked off Roon yet again trying to log into Qobuz.
Numerous Tidal titles show as not available even though they are in Tidal library.
Tidal and Qobuz work perfectly outside of Roon.
No hardware or network issues on my end.
Should I reinstall Roon on my Core?

Not happy having to subscribe to Tidal as a back-up for when Roon does not recognize Qobuz.

Hi @Daniel_Gale,

Can you elaborate on exactly what’s happening with Qobuz? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Are you logged out completely? Are you receiving any error messages? Does a reboot change anything?

Hi @dylan Did a fresh install on my core and all seems well for the present. Thanks for looking into it.

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@dylan Same problem - plus another. See screenshot for inability to log into Qobuz.
Also, can’t login to iPad or iPhone apps. See screenshot. I updated Windows. iOS apps both show 438 as most current build.

Reboots, fresh Roon install - nothing works.

Thank you

Fresh Roon reinstall of 1.7 now allows me to log onto Qobuz. However, per Focus, Roon only added 661 of 2000 Qobuz albums. Any thoughts?

Tidal loaded 1600 albums, which makes sense, although I can’t get a count from their desktop app of how many are really in my library - I thought around 2000 also, but I may be wrong.

That said, I don’t want to mess anything up now that Qobuz is functioning again on Roon.

Next question: Do you see others with similar problem? My server is audiophile grade - Fidelizer Nimitra Signature. Made in Thailand, and the developer does not have any other customers on Roon/Qobuz.

Is it possible this is a hardware/server issue and I should consider a more mainstream server?
Thanks so much

Hi @Daniel_Gale,

Can you share an example of an album that’s in Qobuz but not Roon? Was it a track you purchased? Is it available to stream with a subscription only?

It’s a possibility that the Core machine would be playing into this. The best way to test this, without purchasing another streamer, would be to test using an existing Windows or Mac device as a Core, if you have one. That way you could see how things behave with another Core even if it’s not one that you plan to use long term.

Same issues. I had hoped that 1.7 would address Qobuz problems. Problem free since update until I shut down my server. Since Core reboot I get brief Qobuz login error message then am kicked off to cycle again. On PC, iPhone and iPad.

OK. Not sure if this is good or bad news. Per your suggestion, I installed core on my HP laptop. Boom! Login immediate. Several times. So I guess the issue is indeed the Fidelizer Nimitra server.

One issue is that I can’t seem to connect to iOS remotes on iPhone or iPas without turning off Forewall. Is this safe to keep firewall off? I don’t see the Allow Roon Remote setting.

I’ll login and off over the next few days and see if logon issue seems resolved with the PC as core. Then I guess I’ll decide next steps.

Hi @Daniel_Gale,

You can place exceptions in the firewall or Roon and RAATServer and that should resolve this.