Can't login to Roon app in PC

Hi! I install Roon and try to login the app redirect me to internet browser

After I login and redirect back to roon app the screen still be like this

So I can’t login to Roon app. please help

Please help

Hey @Harit_Suwannahong,

Thanks for writing in and I’m sorry to hear you’re running into login issues.

First thing to test out - can you perform a hard reboot on the device, then open task manager and confirm there are no existing instances of Roon running prior to your new login attempts?

With that, can you try using a different internet browser? Make sure you don’t have any pop up blockers or third party security involved during this process.

Lastly, please use the directions found here and send over a set of Roon Remote logs to our File Uploader.


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