Can't Login to Roon website [RESOLVED]

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Seems I’m trapped in an infinite loop using known good credentials, I try and login and get bounced back to the credentials page, over and over.

I have one more day of the trial and wish to cancel. But hard to do if I cant log in.
Tried Safari (browser I signed upon with) Google Chrome, any browser just bounces back to entering my pw and kicks out an email (over twenty in my inbox!?)



Any addblockers active in your browser?

Thanks for the Reply, sadly no ad blockers and same results from Chrome, Safari and IOS. Enter credentials, goes right back to same page, but also kicks out a “New Login Email.”

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I’m also unable to log in and am getting exactly the same emails. Tried different browsers.


I tried just now, indeed same result: not able to login and an email. So there is something very wrong with the login-page of the Roon website.


Roon Core Machine

MB Air 2012, i5 4G Ram.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected to an extender Netgear EX3110

Connected Audio Devices

Audioquest dragonfly DAC (USB) & Chromecast over wifi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’ve been trying to sign in to my Roon account this whole morning from MacBook air and iPad because I am running out of trial period and wanted to confirm which option I chose when I joined for trial.

However, every time I sign in by providing the legit email address and password, it automatically sends me back to pre-signin page where I am required to enter email and PW. Every time I did it, I received ‘Was it you?’ security message to the registered email address. My usual browser is Safari but I tried Chrome just in case and result was the same. I couldn’t stay signed in.

I looked up the articles in the community and someone last year had exactly same issue as mine but he managed to get it around by using VPN but I don’t use VPN and didn’t know using VPN was required to use Roon with no problem.

Can someone at Roon please look into my account log and let me know how I could resolve this issue?



Hi All,

Thanks for the reports here, we’ve notified our backend staff regarding this outage and we’re working on it. Thanks in advance for your patience here!

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Well here’s hoping it is just some maintenance and that it will be back in the morning.

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Thank you for the help @noris . The issue still persists and will come back to check later.

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I have exactly same problem as well. Tried different browsers even edge that doesnt have any addons and its always same result. After login happens you are immediately logged out again.

After looking network data. Only thing i noticed may cause issues with login could be related to this js. It tries 2 times with login process.

Hi everyone,

This issue has been resolved and Accounts login via the website should be fully restored.

Thank you for your patience and the helpful reports you provided.

Please respond in this thread for now if you continue to experience issues moving forward. In the event that this issue requires additional follow-up because you were temporarily unable to access your account, please let us know and we will notify our Accounts team.


I have the same problem. I’d like to end my monthly subscription and subscribe to the lifetime however Roon is not allowing me to access my profile page. When I click on the profile icon, the page does not load so I can’t change my payment method etc.

I am not sure if my problem is in the same area. I have not been able to log in with my Roon Nucleus since today. Via its IP address I see that all functions are given (Operating System, internal storage are ok), but after starting the app on PC, mobile or tablet the sand clock comes up and nothing happens anymore. After a restart of the Nucleus I should log in again, which I do and then the sand clock comes again.

Nothing to do with this. Start a new thread in the support area and fill in the system information requested.

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