Can't Login to TIDAL?


I can’t login to TIDAL from Roon all of a sudden. My TIDAL payments are current, and I changed my password just in case, but Roon says bad username / password even though it work well with TIDAL.

Any thoughts?

Thanks very much,

Have you rebooted your roon server?

Had the same problem after making some changes to my network which required that the router be disconnected. After reconnecting the router I could login into Tidal.

I simply stopped and then restarted Roon, reentered my Tidal login credentials and was about to log back into Tidal.

I powered down my SGC i5 that runs the Roon server software then powered it back up (both carefully), but now Roon can’t find it or the server software anymore (?).

I disconnected and reconnected the RJ/E cable for the SGC i5 and also reset my Airport Extreme with no luck.

I do have the RJ/E cable from the i5 plugged into a Netgear switch that is, in turn, plugged into the Airport Extreme and that has never been a problem before, but I don’t know.

Any more thoughts? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi @Robert_Schaub,

Can you give a little more details on your setup here? Can you provide some information about the Core and the remotes you’re using? Please also provide some details on your networking setup including all networking hardware in use.

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A reboot of my Rock, and then applying an update afterwards seemed to have resolved the issue.

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