Can't Play Tidal Tracks [fixed]

I recently added Tidal and had it playing fine for a day, then had to have Tidal delete the acct (nothing to do with the playing) and open a new one for me, now I can see all the Tidal albums but none will play, I get a message ‘This track is currently not available from Tidal’ but they play on their site.

Can you navigate to one of the albums, and click “Other Versions” then “View Album On Tidal” – let me know if you’re able to play the “unavailable” albums this way, and then we can figure out the best way forward.

I did to several albums but get same message, i.e., none play yet. My NAS library no longer plays now.

Did you log out of the old Tidal account in Roon and sign in with the new account?

Not sure what you mean by ‘in Roon’, I went to their website and did that.

In the Roon app find the settings and pick the “Services” tab.

Choose “Edit” in the Tidal service and log out.

Now log back in with your new Tidal username and password.

After you have done this search for a song or album in Tidal and attempt to play a track.

Tidal let me use the same u/n and p/w so still try it ?

Ah! I see. No, that probably won’t work then. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try it.

Roon asks if I want to delete my account info, wondering if I should do that.

I’m not sure. Did you try logging out first?

No I don’t want to risk screwing something up, deleting the acct worries me.

Logging out and back in will be a non-issue. If that doesn’t work I would wait to hear from the gang here before deleting anything.

You mean in the Services/Edit screen or on the Tidal site ?

In Roon > Settings > Services. Log out of TIDAL and back in again. You need to get issued a new session inside Roon or else your old session is there and it is now expired because of the fix on the account.

What Pal said. :blush:

Gooooood, that fixed Tidal and a rescan fixed my NAS library too, thks to both of you. Only prob I see now is there are no albums in Discover, how does that get populated ?

Wonderful. Enjoy! Not sure what’s going on with Discover. Keep building your Tidal library and see if it pushes the discover feature into action.

Discover is back, just took awhile rebuild. Why don’t the Tidal albums I select as Favorites have their logo showing, how do I tell them apart from my NAS albums ?

Except it appears only the album art is back so far, won’t play yet.

Looks like all is well now, thks.