Can't recognize Bluesound Vault 2i or Bluesound Node 2i

Core Machine

Bluesound Vault 2i and Bluesound Node 2i

Network Details
Have Centurylink Fiber 1 Gig internent with a 1st Gen Eero router and several switches. Everything is on the same Eero managed network, mostly wired including the two Bluesound devices, but the iPhones and and iPads that I am trying to use as controllers are wireless, but on the same network

Audio Devices
Both Bluesound devices are connected to Marantz receivers through RCA audio connections and from there to wire speakers

Description of Issue

Would really like to install and try the Roon service, but can’t get it to recognize the Bluesound devices, either one of which I’d like to be the Roon “Core”. Is there some setting I need to activate on the Bluesound devices to allow Roon access? If so, I can’t see anything so far in the BluOS apps.

Hi @Scott_Kendell — Welcome to the Roon Community!

The Bluesound devices you mention are both Roon Ready devices, meaning they are endpoints that are able to integrate Roon’s streaming technology directly. They are not able to be used as Core machines.

You Roon Core must be a Windows, Mac, or Linux device that meets our requirements. If you want to learn more about gettings started with Roon, check out our Getting Started Guide.

If you have any other questions about this please let us know!

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