Can't remove old iTunes based playlists from Roon

Macbook Pro 2016 / MacOS Catalina 10.15.5

Roon won’t allow me to remove old playlists that were originally iTunes/Apple Music-based, despite those playlists being removed (long ago) from the existing Apple music app. I don’t use Apple Music at all and am simply looking to remove about eight of these old iTunes-based playlists from Roon. I just get a message saying that iTunes playlists cannot be edited and an option to save a local copy, but that’s it. Can someone help and thank you!

Hello @Tom_James, you’ll want to go into your storage location and search for the .XML files that represent your playlists. Removing those files should remove the playlist too. Let me know if you have further questions!

I can’t find any XML files for those playlists. They are not in the storage location with the other playlists and I came up empty with a search of all XML files as well. Any other ideas?

Hello @Tom_James, I wanted to share our article on playlists, which I why I asked about xml files in your watched folders next to the tracks. To get those playlists to work, those XML files need to be next to the tracks they contain.

But if you aren’t seeing those XML files in any of your watched folders from “Settings > Storage”, you could try the “Clean up Library” option under “Settings > Library” and see if that helps clear up those playlists. Let me know how this goes!

Okay, here’s where it stands: none of the XML files in question are in the storage folder (“Music”) and I “cleaned up library” per the option as mentioned. The playlists no longer exist in iTunes (i.e. were deleted many months ago) and the XML playlists currently listed in the computer’s Music folder (being watched by Roon) accurately reflect the ones currently in iTunes. I’ve made sure the iTunes Music Library XML file is in the proper music folder as well. I turned off the iTunes playlist import function and turned that back on. I rescanned the library. None of this has worked. At present, the old playlists (deleted from iTunes) still show up in the Roon playlists and cannot be edited. It’s obvious that there is something amiss in the sync between iTunes and Roon.

If we can’t figure this out, I suppose I’ll be forced to turn off the import iTunes playlist function in Roon and recreate (ugh!) all the playlists I still want from within Roon. Let me know your current thoughts and thanks again for the assistance.

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Hello @Tom_James, thanks again for this report! After some digging in our internal system, I was able to find an open investigation identical to your issue here. I’m going to add your information to it for our development staff.

Hello @Tom_James, we got some movement on this issue! Our QA staff wanted to know what happens if you disable the iTunes playlist import in your watched folder settings. Please give that a try and let me know what happens. Thanks!

If I disable the iTunes playlist imports in settings, all of the iTunes playlists disappear from Roon. This is what it looks like in settings/storage.

I have this same problem

Check out this thread. I was having issues which i’ve sorted. If you still make itunes playlists you’ll need to export an xml file of the library to grab those. Just remember to chose the option to replace the existing xml file

Same problem here! Not nice!

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