Can't restore backup on new install [Resolved]

The Windows install on the computer I use to run Roon crashed. I don’t use it for anything else so I wanted to switch to Linux and run RoonServer.
However every time I try to restore from my backup it shows as complete and asks me to restart Roon but when I do, it brings me back to the login screen nothing has been restored. If I login my library is empty.
What am I doing wrong?


Hi @Marc-Olivier_Lapierr ----- Thank you for the report and sorry for the troubles here.

Moving forward, to help aide in my understanding of this behavior you’re experiencing, may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  • The mentioned backup in your post, when is it from?

  • When you log back in to the application are you being walked through the “setup” process again? Furthermore, when you are able to log back in, do you notice anything in 'history" or is it blank?


Hi @Eric,
I feel a bit stupid now :stuck_out_tongue: I only looked at dashboard after restoring, thinking everything would show up there like it did last time I restored.
I logged in and looked at “History” and indeed, I could see my stuff. So yeah, the issue was 10 inches from the screen; I just needed to look further and fix the folders paths in settings.

Case closed!
Thanks for your help!