Can't search albums

I have been using roon for 4 years.
Just recently when I search for albums by a particular artist, the albums do not come up, only my playlists.
Also how do I know if I have the latest software update

go to settings, about.

Hi @warren_kice,

Is there any change if you reboot your Core?
Are you using the correct Roon Profile?

Noris,I rebooted my nucleus but to no avail
Have never changed my profile
Any other suggestions?

Hi @warren_kice,

You can find a build number under Roon Settings -> About, the latest at the time of this post is build 610.

Is this just for one artist in particular?
Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

here’s the screenshot. I have build 610

notice I have the “only library” switch turned off

Hi @warren_kice,

Can you provide your networking details? Also, you have an error in the top right corner, what does it say if you click on it? Please post screenshot.

No arrow in right hand corner.just a favorites tab
I have already sent a screen shot
What are “networking details?

Thanks. How about the issue regarding
the albums not coming up when I search by artist?

Noris, I suggest you create your own screenshot by opening a. Playlist, or the like In roon and searching An artist name. Also in room support you can search for a similar problem. I did so and found several - none of which have been resolved. Can you please get your best room people on this.
I found another related problem. I used to be able to create a playlist in TIDAL and it would automatically show up in roon. Now it doesn’t

By this, Noris was referring to the Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 7.30.02 PM icon that is showing up in the upper-right area of Roon. If you click on this you should get a message about what the warning is about — Understanding what is displayed here will be helpful in understanding the issue you’re experiencing.

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I have the latest build and my problem with searching artists by name to get their albums to display is still not working. I have logged out and in with tidal and have gone through every possible setting in settings to no avail. As you can appreciate this is a very serious problem and goes to the core of my music hobby.
Below is the green shot of the display when I search for “Basia”
I certainly would appreciate your personal help.

Hi @warren_kice,

Can you please use these instructions to send me a copy of your Nucleus logs for review?
Also, please share a screenshot of your Nucleus Web UI please.

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