Can't see any DSP option in my Roon iPhone app

newbie to Roon is looking for advice on DSP upsampling.

My setup:-

Roon headless server (i5 PC) -> ethernet -> roonbridge (Raspi P3) -> usb -> Singxer SU-1 -> coaxial -> dCS Puccini -> Amp -> Speakers

I don’t see any DSP option in my Roon remote app on my Andriod and since there is no GUI on my Roon server, I am not sure how to configure it.

Please advise.

DSP functionality is not available in the phone interface – you will need to use a tablet or desktop to set DSP for your zone(s).

Out of interest: do you have any special reason to use the Singxer over USB for SPDIF, as opposed to a Digi+ board on your Pi?

Thanks RBM. Got it working now.

I saw a lot of good feedbacks on Singxer SU-1 with the latest XMOS XU208 chipset so I went for it. I am hoping to replace the Raspi NAA with SOTM SMS200 Ultra when it comes out.