Can't see my music anymore (connected to the wrong core?)

Core Machine
MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

Network Details
Direct stream via Ethernet cables Mac to Nucleus

Audio devices
Nucleus , Arcam ST60, Arcam power Amp 550 control iPad

Successfully Ripped 627 CDs to Mac HD back-up to external USB drive
all synced to Roon and loaded to Nucleus internal Drive
Played the music through my system using AirPlay controlling with iPad beautiful

Next morning opened Roon nothing, saying I needed to load music to get started could I have inadvertently setup two Roons if so how do I get back too the one I successfully set up?

Hey @Reginald_Parry

I have moved your topic to a thread of it’s own, so it can receive proper support.

For now – try disconnecting from your current Core (Roon Settings > General > Disconnect in the Roon Core section at the top of the page). If your theory about a double core is right, you will now be able to select the correct Core.

Hey @Reginald_Parry,

I am mortified that we have missed your post for this long…please, accept my sincere apologies :pleading_face:

I was wondering, is this issue ongoing? Are you still missing your library in Roon?

We’d absolutely love the opportunity to help this time :nerd_face:

Yes the I can only access my music by connecting a external hard drive to my nucleus USB port.