Can't see playlists to add songs to

Here is the scenario:

We know the folder that ROON is looking at that has our songs on it and it also has playlists on it from a previous set up that it recognized.

We are so exticed that ROON sees these playlists and I don’t have to build those playlists again!

BUT now I Have NEW songs I want ROON to see and I want to add to these same playlists.

I know If I drop the song in the folder that ROON looks to discover music it will find it AND I can see it in the TRACKs section of the ROON interface. However when I click the song and use the “add to playlist” option from there I don’t see any of the playlists to add it to.

**How do I get these NEW songs ROON discovered into one of the playlists? remember Im talking about the playlists that discovered and shows me.

please email Ann Marie at [personal info removed by Roon support] as that is support agent here on our side doing the work.


Hi @Richard_Sorger,

We handle all of our communication here on Community, and this would be the best place to discuss with support staff. If you can facilitate the message exchange between Ann or ask her to create an account here, that would be the best way that we can assist her. Onto the issue.

It sounds like Ann switched Cores at one point. Can you let me know if the previous Core was using playlists off of TIDAL/Qobuz or Roon playlists?

TIDAL/Qobuz playlists can sync over when you log into your TIDAL/Qobuz account in Roon, but these playlists are read-only and you cannot add new tracks to them via Roon.

If they were Roon-created playlists, this playlist info would be located in the Roon database, and you would have to restore a previously created Backup to the new install.

Does this help?

Hello my name is Ann Marie, I do have access to the account however dont get the alerts on when you are replying as it it not my habit to check the email associated with the account.

I don’t see how switching core has anything to do with our issue at this point but to answer your question we are not now, before or plan to use TIDAL/Qobuz.

simply put i copied previously established playlists and songs from a previous set up and roon sees them all and plays them, now I want to add more songs to those same lists but dont see them to add the songs to.

Here is a detailed explanation: I have several 3MU playlists with 3k songs associated with them from a previous server set up. I copied the full set of files & folders to the folder for roon to find, and it did. And we are off and running clicking songs from playlists and having fun.

Now when I drop NEW songs into the discovery folder of course roon finds it them, & when I go to tracks I see them there too… next of course I want to add them to one of the before mentioned playlists…when I click on a song to do so & select “add to playlist” I do not see those playlists.

That’s pretty much it let me know if you don’t understand and I will See if I can find the more answers to help you understand.

how do i get my new songs into these playlists?

I think clarification on what the previous setup was is what is needed. Was it a previous Roon install or were the playlists from another source, like iTunes or JRiver?

If the later, it is a bit more complicated. Roon can find and play but not edit playlists created by other sources. However, there is a way to import/clone them for playback and editing in Roon.

Take a look at the Roon Knowledge Base: It is a good read and worth the time, you will want to review specifically the “Editing Playlists” section, as there are a couple of paragraphs which talk about this and will give instructions on getting a playlist from another source into Roon and be editable.

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Hi @Richard_Sorger (Ann Marie),

Thank you for clarifying those details. As @Rugby mentioned, playlists imported from other sources (such as M3U playlists) are not edit-able in Roon unless they are saved as a local copy. Keep in mind that saving them as a local copy will save any new tracks to the Roon Database and not to the original .M3U playlist file and it is suggested to create backups ( of your Roon database periodically to ensure that these playlists are saved and transferable if you ever purchase a new Core.

Here are the important snippets from the Knowledge Base article:

You will not be able to edit an imported playlist. You must first Save a Local Copy. To do this, click on the playlist and then click the 3 dots icon and select Edit. Now select Save a Local Copy.

You will now have two copies of the playlist. The imported playlist is still a Shared playlist, seen by all users. The newly created copy will only be available to the user (owner) that created the copy. Once you save a copy of a playlist, there is no connection back to the original, so any edits to your playlist that you want to show up in iTunes must be made there, not in Roon.

Further information can also be found in the importing playlists guide.

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we are not using any other type of music set up, no itunes, JRiver or the others that were suggested, simply put just songs and m3u files.

noris ill see if i can make sense of your reply over the weekend.
but basically just need to add new songs to the previous playlists that I cannot see.
(roon database or other)

am i making a “local copy” of JUST The playlists?
and will i be able to see these playlists if i follow those directions?

remember i want to find the songs in the tracks section and click to add them to these playlists, assuming this would still be the procedure, right?

Hi @Richard_Sorger (Ann Marie),

If Roon cannot see these playlists, you will have no way to save them as a local copy to the Roon database. I believe you may have this toggle set to off, and you will need to turn it on for Roon to read the .M3U playlist files:


This information is contained in the linked guide and is possibly the step that you are missing to get the .M3U playlists to show up.

Thanks for the screen cap that helps alot, but I can tell you that I have it already on “yes”.
Looks like that setting is just for regular discovery and not that to edit them.

I did see that if i click on the 3 dots to edit a playlist it asks me there in one click to make a copy.
I will try that next, too bad you can’t edit the shared playlist files, what a great feature if you can make it do that!

Hi Ann Marie (@Richard_Sorger),

Yes, please do make a local copy of the playlist, and then you should be able to add new files to it. As mentioned previously, this updated playlist will live in the Roon Database, and will not auto-update the .M3U playlist file, so if you ever need to transfer this playlist to another Roon Core, you will need to backup + restore the Roon database.

I agree that this would be a good feature request. I would recommend also posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

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