Can't see ROCK on windows 10 home network

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
VERSION 1809, 2019-02-10, OS build 17763.475

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

LINKSYS EA6400 ROUTER ETHERNET CABLE TO Velop node (primary) then ETHERNET CABLE connected to NUC (see below)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)


Description Of Issue

Got my ROON remote set up on my DELL(thank you again Henry), could see the ROCK in Network but not my Bluesound speakers. At this point, my NUC was plugged into the EA6400 router directly and my laptop was using the router wifi access. Figured that as my Bluesounds were set up on the mesh VELOP wifi, I needed to get the NUC on that network.
I unplugged the NUC from the router and plugged it into the Velop. Et voila! my Bluesound started to, gradually, appear in my audio list. Also switched my laptop to access VELOP as well.
But now I can"t get my laptop to see the ROCK. It doesn’t show up at all in the File Explorer. However, my ROON remote, on my laptop, can connect to the ROCK no problem. I’m streaming TIDAL right now without any issue.
I’ve spent the last few hours scouring the ROON forums and tried various suggestions.
Updated my laptop(only thing needed was a mouse driver), did the SMB1 on, and then off, rebooted multiple times. gave firewall permission when asked re ROON and RAAT(?).

Learning lots but still stumped
Help greatly appreciated, Mother’s day tomorrow so I can’t spend/waste any more time getting this thing set up!


UPDATE- I can see my ROCK NUC !!! I had to set up the VELOP as bridged. Have to reset(unplug and plug back in) my speakers but didn’t need to do anything else.

Still haven’t figured out how to set up Storage and Network share though. Adding Folders Using Path
page “Adding Folders Using Path” is not all that clear/useful to me, unfortunately.

And I don’t know if my 2TBSSHD is “usable”. I formatted it, again so ROCK can see it, but I’m not sure where to put the music file. Again, The help page is a little confusing there.

I use a quick and dirty method to access ROCK storage. I just navigate to it using the network folder in Windows. It is usually there. From there dropping music into the folder in short bursts works OK. Literally drag and drop. Alternatively you can pull the drive out and use USB to connect direct to your laptop to transfer files and then plug it back into ROCK.

Settings>Storage>Add Folder
Click on Add Network Share on the bottom left box
Your Network Share Location will probably be: \\ROCK\Data\Storage
Enter your User Name and Password for the PC you are working on.
Leave Workgroup Blank
This should let you click on the subfolder that has your tunes (usually internal storage).
Add that folder and the state should start getting scanned

Thanks, Henry

I couldn’t navigate to ROCK until i adjusted my network setting( needed to make the added velop MESH network as bridged).
Just to confirm, the Network>ROCK>DATA> Storage>InternalStorage is the path to my 2TB SSHD, ie my music storage drive NOT the ROON OS SSD ( unto which I can not put on music files, I’ve seen that warning enough time). As you can tell, a little knowledge is dangerous and I’m bloody afraid to screw up my spanking new setup!

That’s right.
You’ll notice this by looking at the Administration Screen for your ROCK (type /rock in your browser). You’ll see the size of the Internal Music Storage is the size of your 2TB SSD and not the sum of that and your boot drive. You could look at the contents as well.

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Hi @Sylvain_Duchaine,

Yes, that sounds right. The easiest way to verify if it is the correct HDD would be to right-click the sub-folder underneath “InternalStorage” and take a look at the properties page there.

You can also copy a few tracks over to the sub-folder and give ROCK a reboot, if you have the correct drive the music files should persist across reboots.

– Noris

Thank you all for all your help.
-music added to HD
-Tidal working well, some drop offs but blaming that on my less than stellar internet
-speakers visible to computer and phone

Now I can concentrate on learning the software itself.

once again, thanks for all your help!


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