Can't seem to add My Cloud Home folder

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I have all my files on a My Cloud Home and cannot add the folders to roon. This is different from a typical NAS tribe and uses WD software to bale it on the mac. I can see it, but can’t get to it. If I try ti add the folders by dag and drop, it says they are empty. I’m upgrading from a Sooloos and Control Mac was all to navigate to the folders fine, but it most use some different protocols than Roon. And help appreciated!

Have you reviewed the FAQ page with the specifics about WD Cloud.’m_having_trouble_setting_up_my_NAS

I did. I have the “My Cloud Home” that apparently differs from the “My Cloud” in several ways, among them that it uses a piece of WD software that is installed on the Mac that enables the Mac to write and read from it. The Control Mac application was able to see it and export to it, but try as I might there doesn’t seem to be a way to access the contents via an SMB share. I’m decently well versed in all the stuff, and my hope in posting was actually that someone might’ve come up with some kind of a workaround. This is so frustrating, because I bought this drive specifically to export files for use in Roon and they are all there ready to go except I can’t to them.

Well, here is a thread that might help.

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So, I can report that I’ve come up with a solution, although it’s not ideal. It seems that this particular drive can connect as outlined in the documentation, but when connected that way cannot see the folders and related data that was exported from the Sooloos utilizing the WD application and vice versa. So the only workaround I could come up with to just get the job done was to move the files from the location that they were exported to over to a new music folder I created on the share I was able to make using the documentation. Ridiculous I know, but at least it is done! Or at least it will be done in about a day! Thank you so much for your help in sorting this out.

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Hi @Wynne_Nowland, I’ve a system configuration similar to yours. I’ve received today a WD My Cloud Home and I’m struggling on how to create a shared folder accessible by Roon.

How did you wee able to create a shared folder? Which documentation did you used?

Thanks in advance!

In the meanwhile, I’ve figured it out. I had to create a Public share on WD My Cloud Home, by connecting to SMB server (smb://MYCLOUD-XXXXXX/Public). All my music files will be saved there and shared with Roon.

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bingo…I have had the same issues and it is resolved as follows:


Do not include MYCLOUD…just the IP address and “/public”

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