Can't stop Roon from crashing after updating to Roon 1.8 (Build 936) stable (64 bit)

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 64 bit running Roon connected to a Synology NAS (RAID 1). Windows 10 machine is a custom built gaming rig in use for five years with zero issues and running a Samsung Pro SSD →

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hard wired CAT 6, with no wi-fi between Windows 10, NAS, and Router

Connected Audio Devices

Windows 10 mini jack to RCA, no DAC, just a NAD C326BEE

Number of Tracks in Library

35933 tracks

Description of Issue

Hello! Ever since I updated to the latest build, Roon 1.8 (Build 936) a short while ago I am constantly crashing Roon when I go to skip tracks, change albums, etc. I’ve never had an issue before this and have been using the Roon software for a few years. I get the blue circle of death upon clicking on anything in the app in Windows and if I alt tab to another app quickly I can sometimes stop Roon from crashing, but most times not. Just looking to see if anyone else is having this problem / if there is a known issue and otherwise my rig is running fine and I do heavy video and photo editing daily :slight_smile:



Same issue here

Roon plays in the background of Windows 10, but every time I bring focus back to it after it has been playing for a while, it freezes and then crashes, in what I believe is the same issue as is present in this thread. I’ve been having this issue for the last 6 weeks or so, and before that, Roon ran perfectly.

I don’t know if it will be helpful, but here’s an excerpt from the log before it crashed:

05/23 11:05:31 Info: **
–[ SignalPath ]---------------------------------------------
SignalPath Quality = HighQuality
** Source Format=Flac 44100/16/2 Quality=Lossless MQA 44100

** MQA Subtype=authentication LightState=valid OriginalSampleRate=44100 OutputSampleRate= OutputBitsPerSample=**
** MQA Subtype=roon_core_decoder LightState= OriginalSampleRate= OutputSampleRate=88200 OutputBitsPerSample=24**
** UpgradeBitDepth FromBitsPerSample=24 ToBitsPerSample=64 Quality=Lossless**
** SampleRateConversion FromSampleRate=88200 ToSampleRate=96000 Algorithm=HighQuality Quality=HighQuality**
** Truncate FromBitsPerSample=64 ToBitsPerSample=24 Quality=Lossless**
** Raat Device=Creative SB X-Fi**
** Output OutputType=Local_ExclusiveMode_Wasapi Quality=Lossless SubType= Model=Creative SB X-Fi**
05/23 11:05:31 Debug: FTMSI-B ti/35FBA6F2 download status: FirstBlockRetrieved accessTimeout:True openFiles:1 prev:(FirstBlockRetrieved,False,1)
05/23 11:05:35 Trace: [Basement Office] [HighQuality 18.0x, 16/44 MQA TIDAL FLAC => 24/96] [100% buf] [PLAYING @ 0:04/5:45] Lay Lady Lay - Ministry
05/23 11:05:40 Trace: [Basement Office] [HighQuality 16.4x, 16/44 MQA TIDAL FLAC => 24/96] [100% buf] [PLAYING @ 0:09/5:45] Lay Lady Lay - Ministry
05/23 11:05:42 Info: [stats] 6957mb Virtual, 1093mb Physical, 299mb Managed, 2855 Handles, 203 Threads
05/23 11:05:46 Trace: [Basement Office] [HighQuality 15.9x, 16/44 MQA TIDAL FLAC => 24/96] [100% buf] [PLAYING @ 0:15/5:45] Lay Lady Lay - Ministry
05/23 11:05:46 Debug: FTMSI-B-OE ti/35FBA6F2 exit thread signalled
05/23 11:05:46 Debug: FTMSI-B ti/35FBA6F2 download status: AllBlocksDownloaded accessTimeout:True openFiles:1 prev:(FirstBlockRetrieved,True,1)
05/23 11:05:46 Info: FTMSI-B ti/35FBA6F2: allocated bw changed from 51200 to 0 kbps
05/23 11:05:46 Info: FTMSI-B 1 FileCache ti/C0DA23D0 dwStatus:AllBlocksDownloaded files:1 accessTimeOut:False priorities: (‘zoneplayer:1’:41) → bw limit:0kbps
05/23 11:05:46 Info: FTMSI-B 2 FileCache ti/35FBA6F2 dwStatus:AllBlocksDownloaded files:1 accessTimeOut:True priorities: (‘zoneplayer:1’:42) → bw limit:0kbps
05/23 11:05:46 Debug: render area size changed value: 1278.667x996
05/23 11:05:46 Trace: [ui] TRACE VALUE alt_header_width: 1278.66662597656
05/23 11:05:46 Debug: unhandled selection type:
05/23 11:05:46 Debug: [easyhttp] [1776] GET to returned after 80 ms, status code: 200
05/23 11:05:47 Debug: FTMSI-B-OE ti/35FBA6F2 rid:1 interrupt requested; reason: exit
05/23 11:05:47 Debug: FTMSI-B-OE ti/35FBA6F2 rid:1 request ended – first block: 0 blocks read: 1030 download speed: 16027kbps response time: 112ms

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