Can't stop Roon from upsampling everything to 384kHz

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10, Roon 1.8 (build number unknown and not shown in Roon client)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bricasti M3 (now Roon Ready)

Description Of Issue

Roon is upsampling all content to 384kHz. I cannot get it to stop doing this! All DSP options are turned off.

Can you provide a screen cap of your signal path, like this?

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I am now wondering if Roon is not actually upsampling since the status on my Bricasti M3 is showing the sample rate correctly.

Your signal path is showing that the Bricasti is upsampling - and is reporting that back to Roon. I couldn’t see any explicit reference to this in the advertising or manual, but there are a couple of passing references which to me imply that it does so.

Bricasti say that you should feed it the file sample rate and let the DAC do the processing - if you do try otherwise let us know what you find!

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Andy, yes one should feed the Bricasti the native file sample rate, which is why I’ve reported this behavior. And when you say “if you do try let us know what you find” that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing here. I’ve been trying for an hour to NOT upsample. If you look at the pic I provided you can see (just underneath the pop up signal display window) that I have sample rate conversion disabled.

Why is Roon reporting that the sampling rate is being converted?

I believe Roon is reporting that the Bricasti is upsampling. If you change the upsampling rate on the Bricasti, does it change your output display?

The Bricasti M3 does not have an upsampling feature.

Although I can see why you say that. The order of the Roon signal path seems to suggest that the signal is being upsampled only after going to the Bricasti.

Roon is not upsampling; the DAC is. That’s what the signal path is telling you.

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OK, then maybe it’s normal for the Bricasti to upsample everything; I’ll ask them.

I’d agree it’s not obvious from the manual, but I’d be pretty sure that’s what it’s doing.

Edit - From page 10 of the M3 manual, for pcm files… “The M3 uses delta sigma 8 x oversampling conversion”.

It’s a different DAC path for DSD playback, so it would be interesting to see the Roon signal path playing such files. PCM to DSD conversion in Roon could be interesting.

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Hey @madfloyd, @AndyR hit the nail on the head here!

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