Can't uninstall Roon prior to reinstall [Resolved]

I have a Shuttle XS36V with a Samsung D3 external HD holding my library and operating Roon Server with W10 32bit.
I have had problems with my Amazon Fire10 tablet connecting to Roon although my Samsung S7 Edge connects perfectly every time.
I decided to uninstall then reinstall the Roon remote app on the Fire 10 and also uninstall and reinstall Roon Server on the Shuttle.
When I try to uninstall on the Shuttle I get the message “Please quit all instances of Roon Server before continuing” but can’t figure out how to do this. My smartphone does not now connect to Roon Server either.
Any suggestions?

Perhaps you raunning both the Server version ad the Roon non server version?

check the processes in the Task Manager and stop anything Roon or RAAT related.

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Thanks wizardofoz, closed everything relating to Roon in Task Manager and reinstalled Roon Server. Tablet and smartphone now both work and the tablet seems more stable.

Glad you got it sorted…Windows is a fickle thing sometimes. Not the top of my list for an OS for many reasons.

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