Can't use Sonos in a group with a HiFiberry?!

I can’t seem to group a Sonos 5 speaker with the zones my HiFiberry or my Mac are in.

I’m using the Sonos protocol and not the Airplay option - they’re disabled. And the speaker seems to be upgraded to Sonus version 2.

I was using the Trueplay option but turned that off, which hasn’t fixed it.


I believe only same types can be zoned.

  • Pi is Roon Bridge, Mac also can only be zoned together
  • Sonos with other Sonos
  • Airplay with other Airplay

Wow - Thx.

Which speakers are Roon bridge compatible?

Anything that supports RAAT is the standard for Roon playback. Many people use raspberry Pi devices to give themselves RAAT capabilities on their dacs and activate speakers (so Ropieee or VitOS, or Hifiberry OS if you use a HAT for digital or phono out)

RAAT compatible speakers tend to run into the thousand’s of $$$

I have used Pi’s and currently a Matrix Audio streamer to drive my Sonos Amp via RAAT

I hope this points you in the right direction


Thanks Mike - is there a list of RAAT compatible speakers? Aren’t the Bluesound speakers RAAT compatible? They have something nearly identical to the Sonos 5, which I can just sell or give to my mom as another alexa speaker.

Isn’t all bluesound RAAT?

Hi Bill
They work with Roon, like Sonos and Linn, but from memory I don’t think they support RAAT (though could be wrong as I do not own them).

Soon you should Have the KEF LS50 Wireless 2, Buchart A500 & A700 (towers) at least fully RAAT supported, but neither is Roon certified yet so buyer beware (hopefully in the next month or two). Roon does not pre announce until certification is complete unlike the manufacturers who seem to pre-announce Roon ready many months before (and longer).

There is a thread from a few years ago here

Bluesound gear is Roon Ready (and therefore supports RAAT).

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I just bought one Flex 2 and will see how it goes!

Too bad about the sonos 5. It sounds great. I wonder if updating it to use RAAT 5 is in sonos’ roadmap.

Anyone solve the synch issues reported for the B&W Formation Flex? Seemed like that was an update away.