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Roon Client 2.0 on Mac OS Ventura 13.0 and iOS latest versions

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I don’t see all of the Focus categories eg Performers in Artists - Focus Here is a screen shot of what I am able to see:

And what happens if you hit the arrow far right of that screen shot you shared?

Nothing happens

I thought it might but I just checked and nothing either.
This is what I see…

That’s all there is to see. Nothing to the right of INSPECTOR. I’ve never looked at Focus other than Albums before.

Each screen’s Focus can have different items. If there is something you’d want to see in the Focus on the Artist screen I suggest you make a Feature Request.

I hardly ever use focus much at all so assumed the arrow might show something more as it does when in albums.
I really don’t think this is a support issue as it looks like it is as Roon intended.
Now whether you agree with that is a different matter entirely.
As @Rugby says if something you specifically want to see then probably best to make a feature suggestion thread.

The reason I posted was this article: Roon Feature Spotlight: Focus - Roon Labs
The parameters for Focus described in this article under Artists is much different than what I am able to experience

Here is a screen shot from the article:

Ok fair enough.
Let’s ask @support to chime in.
But I wonder if that’s now another article that needs an update and is not relevant anymore.

Jamie Madden wrote it - it was posted July 22, 2022 as Editorial

@AceRimmer and @Dave_Sciuk, I believe that article is talking about starting on the Artist page, then selecting Discography, then Focus. There are a different set of foci there than what appear under My Albums, My Artists, and My Tracks.

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Which is what my learned friend @Rugby did say.
However I will leave it open for now for Jamie to comment on and give the official Roon word.

Sorry, I didn’t see that it had already been covered.

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No, no your post is very helpful as it sort of confirms the train of thought here which is excellent stuff.
Tbh focus is just not something I use except once in a blue moon so any and all relevant information is appreciated.

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The confusion is that the screenshot is of discography focus, not, artist screen focus.

That’s it!! Super helpful. Thanks all

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The arrow is active and clickable depending on your screen size and resolution, etc. I run Roon in a window on Windows 10. If I reduce the width of the window, the arrow is active, but nothing to show right of INSPECTOR.

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