CD-Rip "Comedian Harmonists / Die grossen Erfolge, Vol.4" doesn't show up

I’ve been ripping more than 700 Cds from a CD-ROM-Drive directly to my Nucleus (on an internal SSD)… no problems so far. But there is this one CD “Comedian Harmonists / Die grossen Erfolge, Vol.4” that causes problems. The CD gets properly ripped, I get a “Success” confirmation…but I can’t see it anywhere.
Usually, when a CD is not recognized by Roon, I get this placeholder “CD-Rip-Date” in the app, but in this case: nothing at all. When I search for one of the songs from that CD I can find the title, but I can’t play it.
Looks as if the audio-files and the metadata are not connected. Any idea how I can solve this?

Hi @MatDe,

We found an issue that is stemming from our metadata sources and have requested that they make a change to address this. We’ll be sure to let you know when they’ve confirmed a change was made.

Hi @MatDe,

We have received confirmation from our metadata provider that this should now be resolved.

Yes, it is! All fine now, thank you!!!

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