CD Ripping - not understanding why 2 of a 3 CD set not labeled correctly

My only experience with the ripper so far has been with an inexpensive 3 disc box set so that may where the comment comes from. The set was probably short on metadata. The Ripper, in concept, did simplify the process with the 3 discs showing up in my library without drag and drop over the network. 1 disc appeared with album art, disc title and track names. The 2 other discs were titled CD-RIP… and tracks were TRACK1 2 etc. as noted in the Roon OS CD ROM document. The dBPpowerAmp rips had the disc titles and track/song titles. Not understanding why 2 of the Roon rips did not.

It’s because Roon does not re-label folders and tracks, unlike dBpoweramp (and most other rippers). It simply gives the folder a name relating to the date/timestamp of when the CD was ripped, and the tracks a name track01, track02, … tracknn. The album metadata is held in the Roon database (e.g. the album name and the track titles).

Should you ever wish to export these tracks, then Roon will write out the basic metadata into the exported folders and tracks.

I’m still a little confused. With the Roon Rips 1 of 3 discs showed up in my library with metadata, art - artist - title - and track names. 2 did not, default art - no artirst names - CD RIP… titles and Tracknum track names. With dbpoweramp, drag and drop over the network, all 3 showed up with metadata, art - various artists - titles and track names. That is why I added it to my list for improvements. There was a difference I did not understand.

Are we talking about a title with more than one CD?

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I’m assuming first that these three discs are individual discs that you have ripped. In this scenario, discs 1 and 3 have been identified by Roon; disc 2 has not. You should first see if you can get Roon to identify disc 2 by using the “Identify Album” in the Album Editor. If it can’t, then you’re going to have to add the album details manually to Roon using the Album Editor.

If, as Henry is asking, these three discs are a 3-disc album, then first merge the albums, and then get Roon to re-identify the merged album. Quite often, in a multi-disc set, the quality of the metadata varies wildly across the set.

DBpoweramp uses more metadata sources than Roon at the moment, so it can happen that it will successfully identify a disc that Roon stumbles at. Sometimes it will also get things completely wrong, as in this example:

Ok, thanks for the info. And yes, as Henry asked it was an off the wall 3 disc box set, nothing special. Tried to avoid saying cheap box set but there it is. Only used to try out the ripper. I’ll try your suggestions in the future.

Done :slight_smile:

Tried the ripper again with 2 new cd’s. These did show up in my library immediately with the metadata album art/title and track names listed. I wanted the ability to add new cd’s to my library without the desktop/ripper and it does that. Don’t like not being able to identify the artists/albums in the CD-Rips folder but it was quick and easy.

Let go and use the Force, Mike… :grin:

You can edit the folder or add extra metadata afterwards. This is what I have done with all my ROCK rips using MP3 tag. I can’t stand having them not in artist/album folders and I also use them in other apps for mobile use so need the data. I am sure they could allow some modification of the folders in an update as it’s not the best method to store them in.

If I had done all my ripping with Roon I wouldn’t know the difference in file structures and would probably be totally satisfied, but having started with dbpoweramp and having the output listed by artist, album titles and track names I’m sort of attached to that format. I will rip the cds to my desktop to keep the source files and backups in order in addition to using the Roon ripper for quick access.

I ran into a similar issue when using dbPoweramp to rip the recent 3 disc set of The Beatles Abbey Road. At first Roon only recognized disc 1. I used MP3Tag to turn it into a 3 disc compilation. Each disc is in it’s own subfolder. But Rood still breaks up this set as the first disc as a “stand-alone” disc, with discs 2&3 as a 2 disc compilation. I fiddled around with the metadata and this was the best results I could get.
I was hoping to get all 3 discs to show up together.

Hey Thomas, did you try the merge option mentioned above in @Geoff_Coupe post. I’ve tried it and it worked for me.

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Same here. The second CDs is never identified properly, but I have to manually merge them. Example: Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau is a two disc Album. Same with Brad Mehldau Highway Rider. But merging them is easy. Just another task that could be automated.

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Thanks. I wasn’t aware of there being a merge feature. Yeah, that resolved the problem.