CD ripping to ROCK system drive? Roon won't see them [Solved: new drive]

New Gen8 NUC ROCK setup today. Working flawless except ripping. Its ripping CD’s to the CD-Rips folder but I can’t point Roon at it. I’m assuming because it’s ripping to the system drive instead of my external drive. Any way to fix this? Thanks!!!

Hello, and welcome to the community.

I assume that you do not have an additional drive in your NUC for music storage, only the M.2 SSD, which is your system drive?

Also you have a USB drive attached to the NUC, that you have set as your Watched Folder in Roon (in Settings > Storage)?

Then the CD-Rips folder should be a sub-folder of that Watched Folder. Is it not there?

Exactly! Thanks! The Cd-Rips folder is on the top of the Roon folder structure for some reason. It’s not writing to the external drive. I have to take the external drive off the roon rock, plug it in to my mac and then copy the rips to it using mac finder. It won’t let me drag when the external drive is mounted on the roon as it says it doesn’t;t have permission, but i cleared those so its confusing me. Thanks!!

I think I figured it out. It can’t write to the drive cause its formatted to Mac. It’ll read it but not write to it. I wonder if I plug another drive in if it will write to that one or keep writing to the internal NVME?

Can you show a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

It sounds as though your Watched Folder has been set as the drive itself. Best to create a root Folder (e.g. “Music”) on the drive and set that as your Watched Folder. Then I think the CD-Rips folder will sit under that…

Oh - and indeed, if the drive has been formatted as HFS/HFS+, then this is read-only on ROCK and Nucleus. It is better formatted as exFAT,

thanks!!! i tried with another drive and it worked perfect!!!

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