CD Storage - Alternative

I have decided to reduce CD wall storage, my intention in to find some type of storage (Aluminium cases or similar) and store paper covers & notes with the individual CD.

While there are a number of cases available on Amazon has anyone else experience in this area?

Suggestions/Recommendation would be appreciated.



I’ve used these

Pretty solid and cheap as chips

Hi Matt,

Not quite what I was thinking about but now I’ve seen them, it’s a viable option if I can find a dry storage area.
Many thanks,


Not aluminium but pretty strong all the same:

I use these and have about 10 storing all my CDs.


Thanks Dave,

I hope they’re not under your bed :wink:

Are there any cases which might allow me to dispense with plastic jewel cases but retain CD & Artwork together with reasonable protection?


I think you’re back to using a combination of plastic sleeves in conjunction with a case, was discussed earlier in the forum…

I use these to store my CDs.

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Thanks Geoff, the sleeves are just what I am looking for.


Thanks Daniel, this also brings lots of “Amazonian ideas” as well.

There is also an English website with more countries as delivery options.

I found these were best for storage as in their wallets they are bigger than CDs


Brilliant thanks very much for the suggestions (& your time).
Will do some spending on my next day out of the office!