Cell phone music sync

Im sure this has been answered many times before, but I could not find anything recent.

I store all my music locally on my PC (and on one-drive) with Roon as my player also. However I travel a lot and there is no sync feature, is there? I know I can throw files on my phone, but I did that 15 years ago and is not an elegant solution.

Am I missing something?


No. However, you can install Roon core on a laptop and take it with you as long as you have internet access. I use my cellphone hotspot, but I have 75 gigs of cell data per month. When I get close to using up my hotspot data, I stream directly from Tidal and Qobuz without Roon.

Thanks James, I do have the core on my laptop and once I get where Im going its ok, but I spend a lot of the time on planes and not one that likes to always have my laptop out.

Hi @Matthew_Douglas,

At the present time, for Roon to work properly you need an active Core (at minimum) and a WiFi connection if you have endpoints on the network (such as the iPhone).

You don’t necessarily need internet to play back local content on the Core, but internet is required for metadata updates and periodic license checks.

We are looking into a “on the road” solution and there is an active feature request, but nothing that I can comment on with regard to timeline:

If setting up your laptop is not very convenient on the airplane, I would suggest using the native TIDAL/Qobuz apps with content downloaded and added to your offline playlist until we release a proper on the road solution.


JRiver does a pretty good job of this. I use it alongside roon for this purpose.

You mention Onedrive, do you use a cloud music player on your phone? I am android based, have unlimited dropbox & use Cloud Player by Doubletwist. It’s an effective solution with offline downloading to the phone which is very useful. Any downloaded files can then be accessed by other players on the phone. There are similar solutions for IOS i am quite sure, but not really studied them.

I have my entire collection on dropbox, which provides also an offsite backup. For 1000’s of albums its a good solution.

ps Plex is a solution which allows remote streaming, you could try that. I’ve tried it but found it not consistent enough for my needs. YMMV

Until Roon really addresses a mobile solution, one needs to look elsewhere for solutions.

ps… I covered my solution in details here:

R_Neal, can you say a bit more about your JRiver solution? If you are maintaining playlists in Roon, how does JRiver port those over to the phone? Or are you maintaining all playlists in JRiver?

Yes, I maintain the playlists in JRiver and export them in m3u format to a location watched by roon. JRiver fixes up the relative paths on export so the playlists work in roon.

It does the same thing when using the sync handheld function. You select which playlists you want to sync and it exports the files in the playlists and the playlists. There are options to convert the files when copying, for example from flac to mp3, or copying as is.

It tries to match up files already on the destination so only new files are copied. This sometimes doesn’t work for some reason and you have to delete the entire library on the phone and copy everything over again. When this happens it takes a couple of hours to copy ~3000 files on my Android phone. When it works correctly it syncs only new files and only takes about five minutes.

Thanks. I’ve been using M3Unify (MacOS app) together with iTunes to basically accomplish this same thing – export playlists + files from iTunes to phone SD card. It also exports playlists, files, transcodes them (if you want), and extracts album art to folder.jgp that most player software (like UAPP on Android) understands.

The trouble is that this still requires me to manually sync playlists from Roon to iTunes, since Roon imports playlists from iTunes, but doesn’t sync them back to iTunes.

I suppose most of my troubles would be fixed if only Roon’s playlist export function (1) copied non-embedded album art with a standard filename that player software recognizes; and (2) checked the destination to see if the file is already there (in other words, didn’t recopy everything on each sync, which I understand is the current behavior). I suppose I could fix #1 myself by embedding album art in all my files. But #2 seems like something Roon would need to change. And, of course, users would need to understand that files from Tidal/Qobuz can’t be exported (if only those services maintained some cross-device authentication for their song downloads).

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