Change/Have option to show a "normal" EQ graph, rather than the even-lines one that roon uses

For just about every other EQ software you could possibly name, be it Sonarworks, VSTs, EQ-APO, the ones in DAPs, or even just looking at headphone frequency response charts, the frequency response/EQ adjustment is presented on a graph with lines like this:

So the lines are in groups, 20,30,40 etc.
Then once you get to 100 it switches to 100,200,300.
So on and so forth.

This is the “industry standard” as it were, and so roon displaying its graph with completely even and far-spaced reference lines like this makes it really difficult to compare a response curve to anything else that isn’t roon:

PLEASE could the display be changed to have the standard reference lines on the graph that every other software imaginable uses? Or at least could an option be added to switch to it?

Thank you

Thank you for pointing that out - again.

I think you are mixing up two different things; your requirement for a frequency response curve (which Roon does not show) with a display of equalizer settings (which Roon does show). Roon can never show a frequency response curve because it does not measure the frequency response.

If you look closely, it appears Roon is displaying the frequencies on a log scale just like the industry standard. They just haven’t provided the finer delineation along the X axis. So, to my mind, the graphs appear to be analogous although they are depicting different data.