Change in some data after Core move to new machine [Answered]

I’ve moved my Core to a new PC using the restore backup method as described in Roon KB. Playlists, tags etc. are all there so I presume it has worked.

However I know that this album was recognised properly as Boy and not a box set previously.

I have also noticed some covers which have changed.

The only change is that I copied the music files to a NAS Drive as they were on a drive on the former NUC Core.

It did take over an hour for all the tracks to be imported. It was not practically instantaneous as when a drive is disconnected and reconnected.
@support have I done something wrong?


Here is the metadata from the NUC.


Same OS for the old and new core?

Yes both Win 10.


I did this recently, and messed it up by importing from scratch rather than following this guide.
Thankfully was easy to start over.
I think i would initially point the new core back to use the old music folder on the old computer. Then restore the db from latest backup (as saved by the old core) and confirm your u2/boy album etc appear as they should. You can then follow that guide to tell the new core that the music files have moved, and point to the new location. Thats how i did it 2nd time, and didnt lose any of my edits or settings.

Any chance of a reply from @support about this?

I find it strange that the backup and move process keeps most metadata but changes some.

Not a drop dead issue but it’s a PITA having a carefully curated database being changed and I’d appreciate some advice about how best to get a clone of my data and where I may (or the software may ) have gone wrong.



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Hi @Sloop_John_B ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Sorry to hear of the frustrations.

Moving forward, could you also please provide me with a screenshot of the “library cleanup” window. Additionally, when you performed the mentioned procedure was the new core setup first and then the media copied to the mentioned NAS or was it the other way around?


Thanks for the response Eric.

Library cleanup screenshot as requested


I set up a new core (through the restore from backup) and then pointed it to an (identical) backup copy on my NAS.


Hi, you need to edit an existing drive location, not add a new one; even if the file layout is exactly the same, roon treats it as brand new.

I take your point but don’t understand why 98% seems fine but some things are changed, so it is certainly not being treated as brand new.

Perhaps I’ll have to do the whole process again or perhaps Eric will have some suggestions.



Thanks for touching base with me @Sloop_John_B, very appreciated!

I agree with Robert’s comment above, and while I understand 98% of the metadata is correct I would be interested to see if things stabilize by running the restore again and “remapping” the storage location, instead of “re-adding” it.


So is this correct?

  • uninstall Roon,

  • delete localappdata/Roon

  • (re) install Roon and choose restore from backup

  • point at library on previous NUC

  • when finished assimilating, disable then edit location to library on NAS then enable.

Not missing anything am I?



Is the backup from the NUC storage configuration? If so you don’t need that second from last step.

Ah but that’s what’s got me where I am, unless I’m missing something (always possible!), this is the vital step as I have to choose the old library in order to be able to “remap” it.


Every restore I’ve done automatically created the existing NAS library connections that were in the backup. Maybe I’m wrong if local and missing storage.

Hi @Sloop_John_B ---- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback, both are very appreciated!

In regard to the steps listed above in your post, this is what I would do:

  • uninstall Roon
  • delete localappdata/Roon
  • (re) install Roon and choose restore from backup


  • When the application comes online confirm that there is NO content present in the application.
  • Checking “library clean up” will confirm that Roon was aware of the content.
  • Go to the “storage” tab, click "edit " in the “3 dot” menu next to the previous storage location, navigate to the NAS where the music was copied to, and select this location.

Let me know how it goes!

Worked seamlessly. Music rescanned in under 2 minutes.

Thanks for your help @eric .


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Great! Glad to hear @Sloop_John_B!

Happy listening!

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