Change screen timeout on Amazon Firestick


Did you check the display URL in the Roon settings?
Sometime my display don’t work and I found that the port for the display has changed.

A question from my side: when I use display in Firefox on the FireTV I have the problem that after half an hour the FireTv shuts down, because of supposed inactivity. Did you found a workaroud for this?

Display on Firestick
(Paul Frank) #2

Yeah mine was working last year, but not anymore. One thing I have done is make some changes to the Android kernel to increase the screen timeout to a sensible amount, let me know if you want to know how to do this.

(David Orgel) #3

I wasted a lot of time fooling around with this on my own, but nothing I tried seemed to work too well, so when you have some time, I’d like to know how you increased the screen timeout. This is really not urgent.

(Paul Frank) #4

here you go David:
First of all you need to install something called adb (Android Debug Bridge) this is a command-line tool that lets you communicate with a device.
I suspect that, like me, you turned your screen saver to never to stop sleep mode - and I discovered that stops the screensaver but the stick will go to sleep with a black screen after 20/30 mins, not what I wanted!
I think that the issue is that normal apps can’t access system settings, only system apps , so you must use adb, from here:

this approach does not require you to root the Firestick

remember to unzip the file before running the installer :slight_smile:
then read this:

command window, type “adb start-server” (a test)

then follows this guide on how to connect and disconnect to give you confidence:

then for what we want:

good luck, I have done this on 2 generations of Firesticks, wear your badge with pride :wink:

(David Orgel) #5

Thanks for this. As part of my explorations, I had installed ADB, but I run into this issue (although everything in your documentation up to this point checks out):

Davids-iMac:~ orgel$ adb shell settings put secure sleep_timeout 123456789
error: device offline

Any thoughts about what might cause the device to show as “offline”? It seems like I’m connecting successfully prior to issuing the shell-settings command…

Davids-iMac:~ orgel$ adb connect
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
connected to

Display on Firestick
(Paul Frank) #6

Not wishing to state the obvious but have you checked that the Firestick ‘developer options’ that both are set to yes?

Other than that as you are using a Mac do you have anyone with a Windows PC that you could take your Firestick round to? Once set it is non volatile.

(David Orgel) #7

Always worth checking, but yes, the two developer options on the FireStick were set to yes.

I appreciate the suggestion, but (1) I’m not sure why macOS vs. Windows would make a difference in this situation, and (2) it’s against my religion. I’ll poke around some more, and maybe try connecting to the FireStick via USB rather than over the LAN.

If I discover anything worthwhile, I’ll post in this thread so that other Mac users can benefit.

(Paul Frank) #8

[quote=“orgel, post:7, topic:63529”]
I appreciate the suggestion, but (1) I’m not sure why macOS vs. Windows would make a difference in this situation, and (2) it’s against my religion
seriously it’s not the OS but it will be a different binary for ADB so a possible issue on one version not the other? good luck!