Change to WSMR radio stream

I am hoping a moderator sees this message and makes the necessary changes.

The old link to WSMR, the Florida classical music station on Florida’s Gulf Coast has changed. The current stream on Roon doesn’t not work.

The new streams as shown on the WSMR website are as follows.

One of the new streams for SMR is

Couldn’t get back into my first message on this subject.

Hello @Stephen_Meyers , thank you for the information. The link has changed and I have made the necessary alteration.

Please try now.

Thank you! It’s working fine. One thing - the web address for the stream shown when I go to My Live Radio and select WSMR does not match what I sent you. But when I clicked on Play, the station did play.

The stream URL actually used by the website is slightly different from the one you posted although it seems to play the same music. I thought it better to use their version.

Both forms redirects to a URL format that Roon has trouble with, so I needed to adjust the redirected form slightly.

Brian, so I have another one for you. There used to be a Boston Baroque station on Roon, but I don’t see it now. There is a Boston Baroque station on Tune-in. Any chance of getting Boston Baroque back on Roon?

I’m afraid not. It now needs an account to listen.

I looked at the tunein page - it said station no longer available. Do you see something different?

No. Did not try getting into Tune in. I don’t have an account. Thx for trying. Will check Boston Baroque website to see if there is still a stream there and get back to you.

You don’t need one. You get ads but the stations play (apart from geo-restriction issues)

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