Changed output in signal path

Since build 223 I see the output in the signal path on my Powernode 2 has changed from “BluOS” to “Device Outputs”

What has changed? @support

Hello @support can I have some feedback on this

Hey @stevev1 – sorry for the delay. This doesn’t look quite right.

Can you send me a set of logs, as described here? We’ll take a look.

Thanks for the report!

Hey @mike – Not surprisingly, I’m seeing the same with a Node 2 (using SPDIF out or Headphone out).

Let me know if there’s anything you need.

A set of logs would be great – thanks @RBM.


Hi @mike
logs have been send :

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Thanks guys – we will take a look and follow up.

Hi @Mike I’m getting this too. Would you like an additional set of logs?

The new behavior looks right/expected to me.

A month or so ago we did some work with Bluesound to make the way their devices report to Signal Path more consistent and accurate to what’s actually going on. This went out in their 2.10.9 update.

On some of their powered speakers that do perform processing as part of their normal operation, elements were added that reflected the amplification, digital crossover, and eq that those devices perform.

For other devices, the “BluOS” element was not quite accurate, so that was fixed at the same time. The “correct” output to reflect in signal path is the ports on the back of the device where the audio connections are made, not the operating system where the software is running. “Device Outputs” is a clearer way to communicate that idea. This is consistent with how other Roon Ready devices report their outputs, too.

To be perfectly clear: the change that removed “BluOS” from signal path and replaced it with “Device Outputs” was purely a presentation change in Signal Path–it did not impact how the audio stream is handled.


Thanks Brian.

Sounds logical. First thing happening after getting a Node 2 was receiving the update to 2.10.9. :slight_smile: