Changes to mDNS have broken my setup

Looking for a little help. I have a hifiberry digi+ that lives on a different subnet from my Roon Core. It has been working like a champ until 1.6. Can someone explain to me the changes made to mDNS in 1.6 so that I can figure out how to counteract them?

Roon has a need to have all endpoints on the same subnet. How did you have it working pre 1.6? AFAIK mDNS changes were made to support ChromeCast / Airplay devices on other subnets.

mDNS Fixes

We’ve addressed some shortcomings in our mDNS implementation, which should help Roon more reliably discover Chromecast or Airplay devices on some networks

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Actually I had 2 different kinds of devices on separate subnets. I have a few sonos boxes and the hifiberry - and they both worked well.

I have an mDNS reflector the helps bridge between the two subnets.

What exactly is your mDNS reflector?

I have Ubiquiti gear in the house - specifically an EdgeRouter which is configure to reflect mDNS traffic from one VLAN to another.

Further tinkering indicates that I may have simply had a crashed raspberry pi + a strange network quirk. Sorry for the bother

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