Changing All Album Titles to Match My Original Titles[Solved]


Wondering if there is a simple way to globally change ALL album titles in my Roon app to match those I’ve already given them in their source libraries?

Thus far, it appears that I have to do this on an album-by-album basis. With over 10,000 albums, that’s a Herculean task.

Roon seems to almost invariably give the same name to multiple versions of the same album that I’ve previously titled differently. For example, Kind of Blue, Kind of Blue 24/192, Kind of Blue (Vinyl), Kind of Blue (Deluxe Edition), etc. all simply read Kind of Blue in Roon, as is the case for virtually all other albums with multiple versions.

This requires that I click each album to discern which is which.


If your album titles are in file tags then:

Albums, Select All (ctrl-a on a keyboard or long press & top left menu on a tablet), Edit, Metadata Preferences.

If your album titles are in file names then you can use an external editor first to batch edit the filenames into a file tag.

LOL, you beat me too it while I was typing it up.

I’ve got it macro’d …:grin:

This is a good candidate for a Knowledge Base entry. Also we need to be able to navigate easily to the Knowledge Base from here.

Thanks for the prompt reply! I’ll give it a whirl and let you know if I hit any speed bumps.

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Seems to be working like a charm. moving through my library and changing all titles accordingly. Thanks so much! Greatly appreciated.

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Just note that any new albums you add from this point on you will have to repeat this process on them unfortunately.

Gotcha. Duly noted. Thanks.