Changing IP address for server

I have several music storage servers on my home network. The IP address for my Vortexbox server is listed as but when I go to Roon >settings>storage>Add folder>Add netwrodk sharing and enter \ \\shared I get the message: “Invalid Network Path specified”. What am I doing wrongly?

Can you browse to the shared folder from the same computer you’re running Roon control? If possible, please share a screenshot. It would be good to confirm that you have entered everything correctly. For example …

Are you sure SMB shares are working on Vortexbox? I have had it stop before now. I used to use Vortexbox and just Added it as \\\music not shared the store for music on Vortexbox is normally / storage/files/music which is shared as samba mount

edit my bad its actually this \\\files\music

\\files\music worked. Roon is now recognizing my Vortexbox server. Thank you for the information.


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