Changing Storage Drive - How Do I Preserve Tags, Metadata, etc?

Roon Core Machine

macMini (M1, 2020), 16GB RAM, macOS Monterey v12.5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Network not applicable. Roon installed on macMini and music stored on external hard drive. The macMini outputs music via USB to an external DAC (Bricasti M1) and that’s connected to my stereo via analog RCA cables.

Connected Audio Devices

My macMini is connected to a Bricasti M1 DAC via USB cable. I have my music stored on an external hard drive connected to the macMini via USB, and I use my TV as a monitor via HDMI cable.

Number of Tracks in Library

Over 87,549

Description of Issue

My storage drive - 8TB hard drive connected to my macMini via USB - is going bad. I got the attached error message saying “macOS can’t repair the disk ‘Audio Drive.’” This is my external storage drive for my music library. I’m no longer able to write to the drive.

I can’t fully back copy the drive to another drive because many files can no longer be read. However, I have another drive with all my same music files on it.

I’m trying to point Roon to my other drive as my new Storage drive. However, after Roon does all its processing, I lose a lot of album art and tags, etc.

Is there a way to point Roon to another storage drive but preserver all my metadata and tags and such? What’s the best way to point to a new storage drive but not lose my settings? I do have a full Roon backup from the original drive. I tried restoring that, then pointing Roon to my new Storage drive, but I lose settings.

How are you “pointing to your new drive”? Are you creating a new storage location in Roon? What you should try is editing the path to your original storage location (choose “Edit” from the “3 dots” menu by the original folder path).

This may not work if the music files and folders are arranged differently on the new drive, but it’s worth a shot.

Just as a clarification you say you restored the backup THEN tries pointing Roon to the new location.
Not sure if this makes a difference but have you tried it the other way around? i.e. Point to the new location first (or edit the path as @Geoff_Coupe says), THEN restore the back-up after Roon has found the new location and identified the tracks?

Thanks bearFNF. I tried it both ways and each time I was missing information on my albums. That made me wonder if there’s a recommended way to do this, steps to take I’m not aware of.

Also, part of the problem is, after I do a restore, my Storage reference gets restored to the old storage location. I then need to change that to the new location and Roon then initiates a re-import all over again. Either way I lose a lot of my metadata, the tags and unique album names I added and things like that.

Um - you don’t want to do a Restore - that’s probably what is triggering the re-import process. You should have a backup for emergency purposes, but if you follow the steps shown here, you will see that there is no Restore included:

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