Changing the music folder from Synology to the one in Hifi Rose

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS920+, 8gb RAM, 4TB SSD (vol1), 2x4 TB cache memory,
I want to change the control of Roon over the Music library on Synology to the music library integrated on Rose RS150B. How would I proceed.

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Description of Issue

Disable the current Storage in roon, settings, Storage.
I found these instructions to get to the 150 ,below on the hifi rose support site, hope they help.

Hello, this is HiFiROSE.
May I check your steps?

Roon - Setting - Storage - Network

You will see ‘Network Share Location’

  1. Type in ‘smb://’
  2. Type in your IP address that you can check on RS201 Setting
  3. You will see your Media Library address in ‘MUSIC - Setting - Media Library’ like this /Storage/RS1234
  4. Type in ‘RS1234’ only

Example) smb://123.456.7.8/RS1234

For Username, put the ID that you made on RS150 - System Setting - Storage Setting - SMB ID/PW Setting
For Password, put the PW that you made in RS150 - System Setting - Storage Setting - SMB ID/PW Setting

Futile attempt. DSM 7 no longer allows apps to mount shares. Mount the share on the OS level instead:

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Thanks for the correction.

Thank you for you answer. It didn’t work. I tried to mount the share on the OS level and didn’t succeed

Read the manual of your product to find out how network sharing is enabled/configured. Can you access/see it from another PC? If it doesn’t work for you, please consider to contact your dealer or manufacturer (HiFi Rose).


Sounds like a generally bad idea regarding network architecture (traffic) wise. I hope you know what you do or better leave things as they are currently.

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